Maintenance for Vinyl Deck Railings

Your home’s deck—from the flooring to the railings—can benefit from vinyl materials, as the latter is known to be quite resilient against the ravages of the weather in your area. Vinyl doesn’t rust, splinter or warp, so it’s virtually maintenance-free. Still, the little care and attention you can give your vinyl deck railing remains important.

Always rinse your railing with a garden hose to remove as much dirt and debris as possible before you begin any tidying task. Prepare a solution consisting of 1/3 cup laundry detergent and 2/3 cup household cleaner mixed in a gallon of water, and use it to clean your deck railing. Use a nylon brush to apply the solution to the railing, scrubbing the entire surface thoroughly. Begin brushing at the bottom and work your way up. Make sure that you brush off all the remaining gunk that survived the initial rinse.

After your application, rinse the surface again to remove all traces of the solution, and let the railing dry. Continue washing until you have cleaned out every crevice that might be housing dirt and other forms of bacterial infestation.

If your railing has signs of mold or mildew, prepare a solution of three parts vinegar and seven parts water and apply these using the same scrub brush technique as earlier. If you have to use chemical cleaners, make sure that it is safe for vinyl surfaces.